Arts Ambassadors is a community of real estate professionals, consumers, and arts organizations who believe the Arts are crucial to the betterment of society on a local, national, and global scale…who are all willing to support each other with their respective time, talents, and funds while seeking to boost local economic activity and engagement with the Arts.  

Why does Jacksonville need this online calendar?

If you’ve spent time looking for things to do in and around Jacksonville, you’ve probably discovered many of the event calendars available online aren’t particularly interesting and/or useful.  That’s usually because many of those calendars are generated by bots and aggregators that simply allow an algorithm to recompile available information. That’s not how things work with the Arts Ambassadors Jacksonville Events Calendar.  In partnership with numerous local arts organizations, actual humans at Arts Ambassadors curate a wide variety of opportunities to “Do More” in your community, covering a broad spectrum of event types.  Why?  Because supporting local events and organizations with your valuable time and patronage has an immensely positive impact on countless fronts. We at Arts Ambassadors believe the vibrant local Arts scene of Jacksonville, St. Augustine and Amelia Island has a wealth of high-quality offerings that deserve to be promoted to the widest possible audience.  Furthermore, we believe that promoting those local Arts events right alongside professional sports, national touring acts, and other “bigger” kids in town will raise the profile of ALL opportunities to “Do More” on the First Coast and that just makes life better for everybody.    


What makes the Arts Ambassadors Jacksonville Events Calendar different? 

Numerous local Arts organizations in and around Jacksonville, FL expressed a desire for some kind of online calendar to not only raise awareness of their own respective work, but also to allow each organization to support the wide array of opportunities provided by their neighbor organizations.  This calendar is the result of that goal.  Simply by using this calendar for it’s intended purpose (i.e. discovering ways to “Do More” in your community) you are supporting the local Arts scene.  


Who/What is Arts Ambassadors?

That’s a larger question than you may realize.  At its core, Arts Ambassadors is a community of Arts Organizations, Real Estate Professionals and Customers whose mission is to elevate the overall experience of real estate while simultaneously encouraging the entire community to “do more.” Combining elements of a referral network, marketing firm, and community advocacy group, Arts Ambassadors seeks to creatively forge a symbiotic relationship between real estate professionals, customers, and organizations in which everybody wins.  By donating a percentage of the commission from real estate transactions to customer-selected non-profit arts organizations, we trigger a chain reaction that encourages all to embrace both the intrinsic value and the tangible benefits of a robust arts community at the local and national level.

We would love for you to explore the many facets of what Arts Ambassadors is all about by visiting our website.  www.artsambassadors.com